March 13th, 2008

Comic Geek!

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She didn't quite understand 
why he did the things he did. 
She didn't quite care.

                 Part of him enjoyed the worship that she brought.                           

                 And the other zillion skins were screaming inside him.


Worship him she did.

Care for him she did.

Love him she did.                      

                 And the whole time he didn’t know what he thought.


But she could wait

                 And he could mope


And grope

                 And groan


And moan


            And they’d leave.

And meet up at the same spot they were always at

            And do it all over again

                   All over


                                A lover

                                      A love


It was quite the funny thing.


          And worth repeating again


Well…to her.

                  And to him?




                                And it was never going to happen


         She’d said



   And they’d play hot potatoes like that

         And sometimes he’d get a kiss


She liked to think he won them

        Since he tried so hard slamming her fist with his


         She had been talking about them



                                            That didn’t make any sense